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BiggerPockets Podcast 346: 34 Units & Six-Figure Wholesale Fees (at 20 Years Old!) with Josiah Pott

September 5, 2019

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Brandon and David sit down with Josiah Pott, a real estate investor/wholesaler who is doing six-figure deals at 20 years old, using nothing but old fashioned cold calling. Josiah shares just how he puts houses under contract and wholesales them for big profits—then converts that money into cash-flowing rental property.

You will love hearing how he found his first mentor (and got paid $20K to do so), why he dropped out of college to invest in real estate, and what his five tools are for finding off-market property owner info. You’ll also love hearing how the power of compound interest changed his life, how he uses a calendar to manage his lead follow-up, and how he handles questions regarding his young age.

Josiah has done several deals where he’s made well over six figures and will tell you exactly how he did so.

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