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BiggerPockets Podcast 343: Want to Work Less and Earn More? Think Like a Pilot! With Steve Rozenberg

August 15, 2019

Want to build a cash-flowing portfolio while working a full-time job?

Today’s guest did just that! Steve Rozenberg shares the incredible story of how he built a huge property management company (along with several cash-flowing rental properties) while working as an airline pilot and traveling the country.

Steve has a genuine, straightforward style and explains what he did wrong buying real estate, where he learned what his strengths are, and how he and his partner resurrected a dying business. Steve also describes why systems are so important, how he learned to build them, and which systems he uses in his own business to save time, make money, and scale! Steve goes on to share some of the most painful lessons he learned through failure, so you don’t have to learn them yourself.

This is an episode you definitely want to download today!

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