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BiggerPockets Podcast 340: How a Mom with a Full-Time Job Bought 10 Houses Her First Year with Whitney Hutten

July 25, 2019

Would you be interested in taking your retirement account and turning it into 22 cash flowing rental properties? What about doing it with someone else’s capital? Today’s guest did just that!

Whitney Hutten shares the incredible story of how she built a rental property empire out of a 401(k) account by leveraging the power of a team! You’ll love how she made $50K on one of her first deals (without paying a dime of the mortgage herself) and how she used Brandon Turner’s method known as “the stack” to keep building!

She also shares how she got her start in turnkey houses and moved along a spectrum to get to fixer-upper BRRRRs, how she bought 10 houses her first year, and why she invests out of state. Whitney goes DEEP, sharing which parts of town she invests in, why she invests near hospitals, and how she netted a 30 percent ROI on a BRRRR gone wrong!

You do not want to miss this inspirational story of how an “average Jane” accomplished extraordinary things through real estate—including how she fixed a bus falling on one of her houses and survived a raccoon infestation at another!

This show is hilarious, insightful, and content-packed. Download it today!

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