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BiggerPockets Podcast 332: How to Build a Deal-Finding MACHINE With Adam Johnson and Brent Moreno

May 30, 2019

Build a deal machine to fuel your business and keep the leads coming!

On today’s show, Brandon and David sit down with Adam Johnson and Brent Moreno, two wholesalers running a business that fuels their investment portfolio! Adam and Brent share several key pieces that make their business go, like how they have built systems to reduce their workload, how they keep their pipeline full of leads, and how they use a “three-foot rule” to make sure everyone knows how they can help them.

You’ll also love how they recruit others to work in their business, how they use stories to hold people’s attention, and how they have leveraged an army of Uber drivers to find them deals! These two guys have formed a great partnership and share TONS of practical, meat-and-potatoes advice for how you can do the same. Their advice on “helping over haggling” alone is priceless!

If you want to learn how to form the perfect partnership, how to build a portfolio off a consistent pipeline of deals, and how to wholesale those deals for profit, this is an episode you can’t miss!

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